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The BIG3 Experience: Beyond the Basics

Thu 04 April, 2024

The BIG3 Experience: Beyond the Basics

The BIG3 is a 3-on-3 professional basketball league founded by Ice Cube. It features a unique format with All-Stars, Hall of Famers, and World Champions competing in half-court games. Here are the key details about the BIG3:

Entertainment Factor: The BIG3 is more than just basketball; it's designed as an entertainment experience. Games often feature live music performances, celebrity appearances, and a lively, fan-focused atmosphere.

Community Engagement: The BIG3 prides itself on its engagement in the community. Alongside the main professional league, they organize youth tournaments like "BIG3 March Madness 3v3", creating opportunities for young players and fostering a love for the game.

Player Empowerment: As part of the league's philosophy, BIG3 players have a degree of ownership in the league itself. This gives them an active stake in BIG3's overall success.

The Evolution of the BIG3

  • Growing Popularity: Since its inception in 2017, the BIG3 has steadily gained popularity, drawing in both basketball purists and casual fans. It now boasts a dedicated audience that enjoys the unique mix of athleticism and entertainment.
  • International Expansion: The BIG3 has ambitions to expand its reach internationally. There have been exhibition games played in various locations around the world, suggesting the possibility of a more global presence in the future.
  • Rule Experiments: The BIG3 isn't afraid to try new things. They sometimes experiment with additional rule variations to enhance the excitement and keep things fresh for the viewers.

The BIG3 Legacy

While still relatively young, the BIG3 has already started to leave its mark on the basketball world:

  • Second Chance for Players: The league provides a platform for former NBA players to continue playing professionally, showcasing their skills even after their NBA careers may have ended.
  • Innovation in Basketball: The BIG3's modified rules have inspired variations in 3-on-3 play at other levels, proving its influence on the evolution of the sport.
  • Fan Culture: The BIG3 has fostered a unique fan culture centered around the excitement of half-court action, the thrill of seeing former stars in a new light, and the overall fun and entertainment the league offers.


  • Teams play 3-on-3 half-court basketball.
  • Innovative rules include trash talking being allowed and the “Bring the Fire” rule, which allows teams one challenge per half determined by an in-game one-on-one.

2024 Season:

  • The 2024 BIG3 season will begin on June 15, 2024, and conclude on August 18, 2024.
  • The regular season consists of 20 games.
  • The playoffs and championship game will determine the ultimate winner.

Participating Teams:

Teams in the BIG3 include:

  • 3 Headed Monsters
  • 3’s Company
  • Aliens
  • Ball Hogs
  • Bivouac
  • Enemies
  • Ghost Ballers
  • Killer 3s
  • Power
  • Tri State
  • Trilogy
  • Triplets

Ticket Information:

Tickets for BIG3 games are available for purchase online.

The season will feature games in various cities across the United States, including Oakland, Tampa, Baltimore, Newark, Anaheim, Portland, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Nashville, and Boston.


BIG3 games will be broadcast on CBS Sports platforms during the 2024 season.

The BIG3 provides an exciting platform for basketball fans to enjoy competitive 3-on-3 action featuring some of the sport’s biggest names!

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